Stakeholder Relations

Increase project buy-in

Communities are now increasingly involved and engaged in projects that affect their neighbourhood, their lifestyle, and the environment.

These days, any large-scale project requires social acceptability and community buy-in.

The Octane team has developed recognized expertise in stakeholder relations, political risk management, and consensus-building to help you seamlessly meet your goals.

Official consultations

Our experts can help prepare you to participate in any type of consultation convened by public-sector bodies—for example, rezoning process, public consultations, and BAPE hearings—to defend your project’s added value.

Consensus building

Rallying people with divergent opinions to further ideas or projects, promoting your point of view, identifying your allies, and understanding your opponents can be tricky. Our team makes the most of its extensive experience and talent to establish friendly forums suitable for consensus-building.

Informal consultations

We draw on our expertise to make sure your projects garner widespread support and spark enthusiasm in communities: project presentation, collaboration with local communities and sector associations, and communication with the public.


It can be challenging to manage a meeting that gives everyone an opportunity to express themselves sincerely and respectfully. Whether you need us to run a committee meeting, a negotiating session, or a forum with hundreds of people, our facilitation specialists make the most of every situation to create synergies and achieve a positive outcome.

Our professionals can also help you with:

  • Strategic planning
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Research and preparatory work for public consultations
  • Representing your organization
  • Guidance and training for your representatives
  • Support campaigns and public relations

All our services are available in English and French.