Government Relations

Reaching decision-makers

To meet your objectives, you need the support of civil servants, elected officials, and influencers. Our experts can help you navigate the bureaucratic maze so you can speak to and persuade these individuals.

Communicating with decision-makers requires in-depth knowledge of applicable rules and established practices.

We can guide your initiatives in Quebec City, Ottawa and municipalities. Get the most out of our multidisciplinary team’s expertise in a range of sectors including international trade, transportation and infrastructure, and environment and life sciences.

Lobbying and official representations

Our experts can take the steps required to establish relationships with civil servants or elected officials who are instrumental to the success of your project.

We can also help you draft your statements before hearings such as parliamentary committees or public consultations.

We always operate transparently and in compliance with the highest ethical standards, and our representatives are recorded in the Registry of Lobbyists for all their government relations mandates.

Stakeholder mapping

With our proven stakeholder mapping method, you can quickly and clearly identify your allies, opponents, and other players apt to influence the success of your most complex projects.

Mapping allows us to fine-tune our messaging and implement an effective government relations and public relations strategy.

Legislative and media monitoring

Octane offers a range of monitoring services: parliamentary proceedings, bills and question period, as well as issue-specific lobbying activities.

Research, analysis, and copywriting

We channel all our team’s talents into finding, compiling, and presenting the most persuasive data in the most effective format, be it talking points, briefs, information sheets, speeches, or presentations.

Our professionals can also help you with:

  • Drafting briefs, notes, and other specialized documents
  • Developing public opinion campaigns
  • Preparing public consultations
  • Guidance and training for your representatives
  • Public speaking training
  • Finding allies and forming coalitions
  • Community relations

All our services are available in English and French.