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At Octane, our team engages in social project. Congratulations to Pierre Guillot-Hurtubise, Caroline Lavoie, Edith Rochette, Arielle Mathieu and Hugo Morissette for their recent appointments to their respective boards!

Pierre Guillot-Hurtubise   Chairman of the Board, Ligue nationale d’improvisation

Pierre has served on the LNI’s Board of Directors since 2007 and is now taking over as Chairman in 2018. His involvement will ensure the future of the organization, promote the reach and influence of improvisation around the world, and formalize its recognition in Quebec’s cultural policy. To make a donation, please visit http://www.lni.ca/appuyez-nous

Caroline Lavoie – Trustee, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 

Caroline has been involved in the world of museums and governance for several years and was recently appointed to the Board of Directors for the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. It is this federal cultural institution’s mission to help acquaint Canadians with the various migrations that have come through Halifax’s Pier 21 and to extend the conversation to the national scale. To learn more or to make a donation, please visit https://www.pier21.ca/support/donations 

Edith Rochette – Administrator, Traffic Club of Montreal

Edith Rochette has been an expert in the field of transportation for over 20 years and recently joined the Board of Directors for the Traffic Club of Montreal. The organization’s mission is to bolster connections and cooperation among the main actors in the transportation-sector supply chain. To learn more, please visit: http://www.tcmtl.com/

Arielle Mathieu – Treasurer, Montreal coalition of LGBT youth groups

The Montreal coalition of LGBT youth groups is a non-profit organization borne of a need to consolidate the work of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans organizations that offer services to youth in Montreal. Its mission is to assist lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) youth with their social integration and to create environments in which they can flourish, regardless of sexual orientation or identity. Its goal is to drive social development and to bolster the overall health of the population. Arielle has served as Treasurer for the organization since 2017. To make a donation, please visit https://coalitionjeunesse.org/faire-un-don/

Hugo Morissette – Administrator, Information and Referral Centre of Greater Montreal

Hugo recently joined the Board of Directors for the Information and Referral Centre of Greater Montrealan independent, bilingual non-profit organization that provides free information on social and community-based resources in Greater Montreal. When individuals are seeking guidance on issues including social security, health, work, well-being and leisure, the Centre promptly refers them to the best organization to meet their needs. To make a donation, please visit http://www.info-reference.qc.ca/www/Article.php?locale=fr-CA&Type=5&O_ID=10&M_ID=Fondation

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We would also like to commend our colleagues Daniel Charron, Jean Michel Laurin and Leslie Molko who also volunteer for various organizations.

Please consult our professional profiles under Our Team to find out more.

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