We’re onto something: Marijuana

The consultation process related to the legalization of cannabis was launched in early June by Public Health Minister, Lucie Charlebois. An experts’ forum will be held on June 19 and 20, and regional public consultations will take place in August and September. An thorough debate including diverse perspectives can be expected.

Summer is the season to get prepared!

Are you affected by any of the bills? This is the time to prepare your positions and develop your strategy. Are you looking for support regarding your participation in consultations, to undertake government relations initiatives, to engage stakeholders around your point of view, or to educate the media and even your employees? It’s not too soon to think about it.

Coming soon: Experts’ forum conclusions 

The first step for the Quebec government will be to draw up an inventory of knowledge on cannabis and stakeholder views on the choices to be made in developing the new regulatory system. Among topics to be presented at the experts’ forum: road safety, health, prevention, taxation, labour and workplace issues, the fight against smuggling, production and distribution models, and harmonization between the medical and recreational cannabis systems. Get ready for a full agenda!

Following Tout-Cannabis’ two-day consultation period, the government will be able to select the direction for its framework law and prepare its regional public consultations tour. Experts’ forum conclusions are likely to serve as the basis for this framework law, that will be introduced at the Quebec National Assembly this fall.

Next up: Regional consultations

Regional consultations are open to the public and will be held in August and September in many regions of Quebec (please check web site for schedule updates before publication). This will provide citizens, organisations and companies with the opportunity to voice their concerns and policy propositions. As maple leaves will begin to turn red throughout Quebec, we can bet that the symbolic cannabis leaf will be at the center of conversations and media coverage.

This is what you’ve been waiting for: the Quebec government’s bill

The goal of consultations is to better understand experts and the public in view of the bill that will be introduced in National Assembly this fall. Complementary to the federal bill, this framework law will be related to Quebec’s competencies regarding cannabis. It will likely fuel more debates before its implementation the summer of 2018. 

Should you have any questions about the legalization of marijuana, on the stakeholders involved or about the ways through which you can assert your position, please contact Caroline Lavoie