Octane Announces Partnership with the Team that Ran Barack Obama’s Digital and Data Operations


270 Strategies’ Team Will Provide Advice and Support to Octane’s Clients

MONTREAL/WASHINGTON, D.C. _ Octane is partnering with 270 Strategies, an American consulting firm founded by specialists in digital communications, grassroots organizing and data analytics who played key roles in Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. 270 Strategies has offices in Washington D.C, Chicago, New York City and San Francisco.

270 Strategies’ mission is to help companies, organizations and causes do BIG Things. Since the firm was established, it has worked with over 300 clients to help them transform their ideas into action.

The firm’s experts will provide exclusive advice to Octane’s clients on how to handle public engagement, stakeholder relations and digital communications.

A unique expertise brought to Quebec and Canada

Octane and 270 Strategies both see benefits in joining forces to unlock the potential of digital advocacy and digital fundraising for Quebec and Canadian corporations,” said Daniel Charron, Octane’s Managing Partner. We are always looking to offer the best to our clients. We believe that 270 Strategies’ specialists and experience have no equivalent in Quebec and Canada.”

270 Strategies’ clients will benefit from Octane’s knowledge of the Canadian public affairs sector, of its experience in running bilingual projects, and of its strong presence in Quebec.

“Since launching 270 Strategies, our mission has been to empower people to make a difference in their backyards and on a global scale by partnering with ambitious organizations who want to change the world,” said Meg Ansara, one of the firm’s founding partners and a veteran of both Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns. “Through our partnership with Octane, we can help our clients be more effective — in Quebec, across Canada, and in Francophone countries everywhere.”


Octane is a public affairs firm, with offices in Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec. For 25 years, the firm has helped organizations manage complex issues by developing custom-made strategies aligned with each project’s unique characteristics. The firm employs about 20 seasoned professionals and has approximately 100 active clients, of which 80% from the private or not-for-profit sectors.

270 Strategies is a next-generation consulting firm that is redefining how companies and organizations build winning campaigns. We believe that the best way to engage people in the 21st century is to integrate people-centered, grassroots organizing with sophisticated digital strategies, effective communications, and a data-driven approach. We’re changing the way our clients manage their strategies and meet their goals — and changing the world in the process.

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