6 Ways To Write More Effective Press Releases

While many have predicted the demise of the press release, along with television, radio and newspapers, it remains an essential strategic public relations tool, as long as it is used effectively.

1. Titles should not exceed 100 characters

Don‘t make your readers rewrite your title. Give them the gift of a 100‑character-or-less title, ready to tweet. True, Twitter allows 140 characters, but an additional 20 characters or so will need to be set aside for tweets with URLs. And leave room for comments like “Awesome!” (8 characters).

2. Use subheaders to highlight your ideas

Subheaders convey your message in a single glance, which is especially useful for your readers using mobile devices. This consideration will be much appreciated by journalists, for whom every minute counts.

3. Keep important quotes under 100 characters

As with the title, important quotes in a press release are much easier to tweet if they’re less than 100 characters. And while you’re at it, why not throw your spokesperson’s Twitter handle in there?

4. Tell your story

Most press releases look like the executive summary of an annual report, rather than like something journalists are interested in publishing. You’ve found a solution to a particular problem? Illustrate the problem and its implications, then explain the steps you took to solve it. You’re launching a product? Tell how you got the idea and the obstacles you overcame to pull it off.

5. Enter the multimedia age

A picture is worth a thousand words, or about 1.75 press releases! Like with any social media publication, complements like audio quotes, photos, graphics or videos can really boost interest in your story. And you don’t have to be George Lucas to make a good video—an authentic testimonial from an employee or a client makes for very appealing content.

6. Provide external sources

If you want to go even further, save your journalist readers research by providing links to relevant information sources. This is also an effective way to suggest various angles for their stories. Got any other tips on how to improve the effectiveness of press releases?

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