Octane Announces Partnership with the Team that Ran Barack Obama’s Digital and Data Operations


270 Strategies’ Team Will Provide Advice and Support to Octane’s Clients

MONTREAL/WASHINGTON, D.C. _ Octane is partnering with 270 Strategies, an American consulting firm founded by specialists in digital communications, grassroots organizing and data analytics who played key roles in Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. 270 Strategies has offices in Washington D.C, Chicago, New York City and San Francisco. Read more

Communicating Effectively with Montrealers: A Key Element in Positioning Your Business

Companies looking to penetrate foreign markets need to be clever, ambitious and innovative to overcome the many unpredictable challenges and obstacles involved. Fortunately, organizations such as Montréal International (MI) can provide valuable assistance to help companies integrate local markets. Read more

6 Ways To Write More Effective Press Releases

While many have predicted the demise of the press release, along with television, radio and newspapers, it remains an essential strategic public relations tool, as long as it is used effectively. Read more