It’s Time to Think About the 2018-2019 Federal Budget

You may want to start drafting your wish list for the 2018–2019 federal budget because the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance launched its pre-budget consultation process ten days ago. This year, Members of Parliament want to hear about ways to increase the productivity and the competitiveness of the Canadian economy.

Take part in the conversation and make your voice heard about these crucial issues by submitting a memoir. It’s also an excellent opportunity to raise your profile, position your issues, share your recommendations and advance your policy agenda. Octane’s team will be pleased to work with you and your organization so that you get the best out of that process. 

Here is what the committee wants to know:

1. What federal measures would help Canadians to be more productive?

For example, what education and training, health, housing, and labour market participation and mobility measures would help Canadians to be as productive as possible in their workplaces and their communities?

2. What federal measures would help Canadian businesses to be more productive and competitive?

For example, what measures would help businesses to undertake research, innovation and commercialization, purchase advanced technology and equipment, invest in the training and development of their employees, participate in global value chains and increase their international market share? 

 How can you Participate?

The committee welcomes submissions of 2000 words (roughly 10 pages) or less until noon on Friday, August 4. In September, the committee will invite selected groups and individuals to present their submission in person.

Why Participate?

Submissions and testimonies will inform a report which will be sent to the Minister of Finances for his consideration before the next federal budget.

Reporters cover committees and the most original or interesting ideas are sometimes mentioned in the media. It’s a good way of being heard. 

If you have questions on the process or if you need support to draft a report or prepare your testimony, communicate with Jean Michel Laurin, Executive Director of our Ottawa office.