Lobbying and municipal relations: proactive strategies to avoid going back to square one

Elections typically bring changes, some expected, others not. The recent municipal elections across Quebec were no different. Now, after a campaign that lasted 40 days, give or take, the face of Quebec’s municipal teams has changed. Read more

Octane is looking for a bilingual advisor

Are you enthusiastic about public affairs and looking to put your skills to work to deliver complex projects for a diverse client base? Octane Strategies is seeking a bilingual advisor to work with its English-speaking clients in particular. Read more

Octane Announces Partnership with the Team that Ran Barack Obama’s Digital and Data Operations


270 Strategies’ Team Will Provide Advice and Support to Octane’s Clients

MONTREAL/WASHINGTON, D.C. _ Octane is partnering with 270 Strategies, an American consulting firm founded by specialists in digital communications, grassroots organizing and data analytics who played key roles in Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. 270 Strategies has offices in Washington D.C, Chicago, New York City and San Francisco. Read more

We’re onto something: Marijuana

The consultation process related to the legalization of cannabis was launched in early June by Public Health Minister, Lucie Charlebois. An experts’ forum will be held on June 19 and 20, and regional public consultations will take place in August and September. An thorough debate including diverse perspectives can be expected. Read more